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One Last Fall Day

Several weeks ago, I went out for my last Fall shoot of the year. There wasn’t much left, but the colors were vibrant.

Simple Couple Portrait

My sister and her boyfriend wanted a Christmas-y photo for cards this year. It’s a bit early for me to think Christmas, but I could use some subject variety and portrait practice, so I agreed. They decided on pine or spruce trees for a background. I placed them in the shade of a blue spruce and had him put his arm around her. Shade kept them from having a lot of contrast on the face and the flash helped fill in the eyes. I did brighten the eyes and perform other adjustments and retouching in post.

Young couple in front of spruce tree.

Young couple in front of spruce tree.

Fall Again

I went out for a hike and fall photography last weekend. I don’t think it was quite peak color. This is a hard thing to judge as the landscape often jumps abruptly from too green to all the leaves down. At least it was a nice day out.





Impressions of a Windy Fall Day

Fall is here. It isn’t peak color yet, but I’m hoping to clear some time for that next weekend, if I’m not too late. Here are a few shots from our windy early fall. It’s interesting what moves and what stays still sometimes.

Flowering Bush

Oak Leaves

Pine Needles in Sun

Clydesdale Outting

Every year, the photo club goes to a Clydesdale event. This year, my father and I decided to come along. I’ve not been shooting much due to other responsibilities, so it was good to get out.

Clydesdale hitched to wagon.

Clydesdales pulling wagon

Clydesdale Hooves

Clydesdale waiting

A New Place

I’ve been preoccupied lately. There are several reasons for this. One of the biggest is that I’ve moved. Relocating is a pain, but sometimes, it is worth it. Like any curious soul, I decided I needed to get out and see the area. Everyone needs to get out for fresh air now and then.

Someone in this area liked pine trees.


These bushes are pretty typical for landscaping in several areas I’ve lived in. So is they fly.


I liked these flowers. Honestly, I’m not certain they were invited where they are growing or if they are weeds or wildflowers. I just think they are pretty.


Next Time: Lake at Sunset or Still Life

I got out to the shoreline of a nearby lake around sunset. Earlier would have been better, but I got a few interesting shots. Otherwise, I would like to get back to still life, if I have time.

Butterfly House

I’ve had an exceptionally busy week, so unfortunately, this post is late. It is also archive that I’ve been saving for a time like this. When I was in Michigan visiting family and the Sleeping Bear Dunes, I also visited the butterfly house in Traverse City. It was not quite ready to open at that point. My uncle works for the local MSU extension office in the area. As a result, he  and my aunt got to know the young couple who own and run the butterfly house.

Unfortunately, we arrived on a sad day for them. Many of their butterflies had died due to pesticides. I did not realize this, but most plants purchased at greenhouses and box stores have pesticides on them or in the soil. These pesticides kill butterflies as well as undesirable insects. Of course, the owners of the butterfly house knew this. They had asked the company they purchased the plants from specific questions about pesticides. However, the answers they got did not match with the plants they got. Fortunately, not all of the butterflies were out of their cocoons yet, and all of the fruit feeding butterflies were fine.


They look rather drab on the outside, but inside, these butterflies have brilliant blue wings.


I did not touch the butterflies. They are delicate, and you have to know how to handle them so as not to hurt them. Others in our group did know how and had permission.


The butterflies can and do land on people. They have signs on the way out of the enclosure asking guests to check for hitchhikers. Since my dad is a quite and steady type, the butterflies liked him.


Despite the sad death of some of the butterflies that day, I enjoyed visiting the butterfly house and photographing the butterflies. Perhaps I will be able to go back someday or visit another butterfly house. In the meantime, I should do some pesticide research.

OrangeOnRocks OrangeOnPlants ButterflyOnRocks

Next Time: End of Archive?

I’ve a three-day weekend coming up, so hopefully I’ll be able to shoot something.


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