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Macro Spring Flowers

A few weeks ago, the weather was nice, and I got out to photograph some flowers. It was late in the woodland spring wildflower season, so swamp buttercups and violets were about all that was left. I decided to shoot with the macro lens. The flowers are small, and practice with manual focus is good for me.


I spotted this large, fuzzy bee. It’s so fluffy looking I almost wanted to touch it, but it’s a bee, so photographing it will have to do.


Later that day, I visited a city park and photographed this flowering viburnum. I liked the bright pink buds on this particular variety.



Stroll Around the Lake

A short distance from my home, there is a park with a lake. One lovely weekend morning, I decided to go walk the path by the lake. Morning or not, may other people were up and about fishing, biking, camping, and hiking. Maybe I should have gone out earlier – less crowding and better light. But it was still a pleasant excursion.

I liked the way the light was hitting the new foliage on these trees.


Farther down the path, I spotted these lovely wildflowers.


Humans weren’t the only ones out. Mommy duck and her babies were hanging out in the shade looking for food as the day got hotter.


Next Time: Milk

Yes, milk. June is Dairy Month, and I was a Midwestern 4-H kid for 10 years (no, I didn’t have any animals, not even a cat at the time). This means I spent the entire month of June promoting dairy like crazy for 10 years straight. I’ve never quite forgotten it.

What do Your Shoes Say?

I started looking at my shoes this week – trying to figure out which ones I wanted to photograph. Boring tennis shoes? Nope. Sandals? Plain black heels? Black flats? No, no, and no. I have a variety of shoes, most of which I wear for one occasion or another, but the majority of them are fairly utilitarian. For example, I would never wear these, even if they came in my size:

 Yes, they are doll shoes. Aren’t they pretty? And totally impractical. Glad I’m not a doll.

Then why do I have these shoes?

 Upon more serious thought, are they mine? Yes, they are sitting in the bottom of my closet, and I do remember buying them (for very little money on sale), but they don’t seem like they belong to me. These should be on the feet of some trendy little tween girl. Upon further thought, I realized that all the shoes I have represent different aspects of my life and personality. The athletic shoes are active, comfortable, and casual. They say I work and value functionality. The  sandals say I can be laid back, under the right conditions. The heels add that I can dress in a more formal and traditional manner. The black flats speak for my desire to balance looks and functionality.  And the purple plastic shoes above? They’re just a side of me that lies under the surface. The side that wants to try something new, be unusual, and have some fun. I may not wear these shoes very often, but that side if me is an undercurrent in my life. Some of my other shoes can attest to that. At least none of them are nearly as uncomfortable or impractical as the doll shoes would be if they came in my size.

What do your shoes say about you? What’s the strangest pair of shoes you ever owned?

Next Week: Car Details

There are four cars immediately available to me. However, I might look for a cruise night or classic car show. If I don’t find one, you might see me wandering around a parking lot. Or maybe I’ll just have to be content with four cars and not creep anyone out.

Vases Part Two

I first photographed vases back in January. Since there happen to be a lot of vases in the house, I decided to give it a try again. When it came to the first vase, I started with the color. I searched the house for another object of the same shade and found a little glass bird. I thought of the vase as a tree of sorts that would scatter seeds or flowers the bird might be interested in. Beads became my seeds in the glassworld. Kitty was very interested in the little blue shiny things.

The second vase belonged to my great-aunt. Because it is a family heirloom of sorts, I used a more traditional approach with older objects such as a doily and old books. I wanted the vase to look like it was sitting in an older couple’s livingroom.

Next Week: Imagination

I’m going to try my hand at illustrating a concept like I did with love back at Valentine’s day. This time, I’m taking on imagination

Liquid Experiments

I’ve been threatening to do these liquid experiments for weeks, so I thought it best to get it out of my system. If you follow me on Twitter, you know I did some test shoots and took a lot of pictures. This kind of work is like photographing fireworks without a script of the show. It takes a lot of trial and error and you never know exactly what’s going to happen. My first shots were of the food coloring shortly after it entered into the water. The drop would spread out like a chandelier as it sank towards the bottom. Then, I’d add another drop.

I tried letting it sit for a while to blend a bit and adding a drop or two of another color. The green looks like a flower.

As you can probably see, it’s not exactly sharp. Food coloring blends with the water and lacks distinct edges. I focused as much as I could, but eventually I had to think of a way to use this to my advantage. Patiently waiting to see what the food coloring did when allowed to sit in a still glass of water produced some interesting results. It fanned out into long, swirling trails. I even had some luck mixing two shades of purple. The indistinct edges could work well for backgrounds.

Using one of my shots as a background.


I continued my experiments varying color combination and water motion. At first, I filled the glass from the faucet and let it sit awhile before adding dye. Later, I discovered stirring the water gave an interesting effect.

Adding dye to a freshly filled glass of water was another variation. As you can see, I flipped the shot above and the shot below for artistic effect.

I know this is unorthodox photography, but it provided me with some images I can use for backgrounds and other elements in Photoshop work. Not to mention being a fun experiment and keeping myself and one of my cats very amused.

Next Week: Box and Folding Cameras

I’m going back to something more traditional next week: old cameras. This time, very old cameras, say 70 or more years old for some. Hopefully I can find the old Kodak folding camera.