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Club Shoot Archive

Here are a couple of archive photos from January’s photo club table top night. I brought my own light source and reflectors as well as some subject matter, but it is kind of a free for all, so I ended up photographing mostly items the other members brought. Mine ended up being mostly floral items and a vintage green glass dish.



Next Time: Sand Dunes

I went to Michigan and checked out a National Lakeshore area.


Valentine Flowers

A bit of a late Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you. This is the time of year I really start wanting it to be Spring. It is also the time of year you can easily purchase a floral bouquet. Last week, I purchased a single rose and some “pompoms” at a local supermarket. I’m pretty sure “pompom” is just florist for big showy mum. Anyway, I set up the light and some backgrounds and pulled out the macro lens.

This was my pinkish rose. Lovely while she lasted.


Twirly in the center and a beautiful hue.


I stuck one of my old rings in it in honor of Valentine’s Day. There is nothing like a macro lens to show you how cheep your costume jewelry is. I spent some time retouching this one, and I’m about to swear I will never shoot it again. Nonetheless, it does look kind of romantic.


A little less seasonal, here is the “pompom”. This was more fun with the macro lens than the rose. I loved the long, spiky petals in the center.


Kind of off topic, but I wanted to say I know this can be a tough day for single people. Personally, I think our culture is a little overboard when it comes to celebrating romantic love. There are other kinds of love and relationships in most people’s lives that are worth remembering and celebrating on this day. So if you can this weekend, take a few minutes to call or message a friend or relative and let them know you love them. And remember, the chocolate goes on sale tomorrow.



Christmas Decorations and Experimental Lighting

All the decorations went up the first of December, so its high time for some Christmas photos. I selected a diverse group of Christmas decorations and decided to light all of them with the string of LED Christmas lights I purchased this year, just to see how it would work out. I was going for more of a warm, soft look in all the photos, but I still wanted some light/dark contrast.




Merry Christmas everyone!

Next Time: New Year’s / Year in Review

Tulip Season

The one or two weeks a year that tulips bloom in my corner of the world have come! I always loved looking into their centers and seeing all the various parts of the flower, but I’ve come to accept that the side view illuminated by a low sun has a surreal kind of beauty.

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Next Week: Abstract or Phone

Pink Spring

It never occurred to me before, but a lot of the plants in our yard have pink flowers:

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Next Time: Shiny

Time to photograph more reflective metal. It looks good in portfolios.


It finally snowed in my little corner of the world. Fortunately, there wasn’t much ice. My sister’s car, Howie, might disagree with that last sentence if he could talk.

Last weekend, I went out to enjoy the snow at a nearby forest preserve. Since it was a sunny day, I passed a few other people, including four cross-country skiers.

I’d wanted to photograph these odd pitcher-shaped features on this tree for several months, but I never could seem to get the lighting or angle quite right. Now that the leaves are gone, it works much better.

I love the way this stump sticks out of the snow, covered in fungus for added texture.

Even after the snow, the dried remains of a few flowers hang on.

The world is full of all sorts of interesting patterns and designs. This fallen tree branch is one example.

Ice on the small creek in the park was at various levels of thickness. Loose snow and rippling water gave it a sparkling look.

Next Time: Vintage Camera

It’s about time I do another camera post. Courtesy of my uncle, my father has an amazing new addition to his camera collection. I have arranged to borrow said addition for my next post. I think you’ll like it.

What do Your Shoes Say?

I started looking at my shoes this week – trying to figure out which ones I wanted to photograph. Boring tennis shoes? Nope. Sandals? Plain black heels? Black flats? No, no, and no. I have a variety of shoes, most of which I wear for one occasion or another, but the majority of them are fairly utilitarian. For example, I would never wear these, even if they came in my size:

 Yes, they are doll shoes. Aren’t they pretty? And totally impractical. Glad I’m not a doll.

Then why do I have these shoes?

 Upon more serious thought, are they mine? Yes, they are sitting in the bottom of my closet, and I do remember buying them (for very little money on sale), but they don’t seem like they belong to me. These should be on the feet of some trendy little tween girl. Upon further thought, I realized that all the shoes I have represent different aspects of my life and personality. The athletic shoes are active, comfortable, and casual. They say I work and value functionality. The  sandals say I can be laid back, under the right conditions. The heels add that I can dress in a more formal and traditional manner. The black flats speak for my desire to balance looks and functionality.  And the purple plastic shoes above? They’re just a side of me that lies under the surface. The side that wants to try something new, be unusual, and have some fun. I may not wear these shoes very often, but that side if me is an undercurrent in my life. Some of my other shoes can attest to that. At least none of them are nearly as uncomfortable or impractical as the doll shoes would be if they came in my size.

What do your shoes say about you? What’s the strangest pair of shoes you ever owned?

Next Week: Car Details

There are four cars immediately available to me. However, I might look for a cruise night or classic car show. If I don’t find one, you might see me wandering around a parking lot. Or maybe I’ll just have to be content with four cars and not creep anyone out.