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The Big Project: Textile

I confess. I’ve committed a huge violation of one of the cardinal rules of home organization and decluttering: I’ve kept a sweater I’ve had for ten years and worn fewer than five times. But I’m sure you’ll agree it’s an exception to the rule. It’s too pretty to get rid of.


The biggest challenge photographing this sweater was trying to get it arranged nicely. The next biggest issue was perspective. I extended my tripod as far as it would go, positioned it close to the table the sweater was on, and climbed on a chair. As I’m writing this, I’m thinking I could have moved my set-up to a lower surface, such as the floor. The best ideas always come later. Anyway, I tweaked it a bit in Photoshop, then moved on to my next shot.

Since these lovely flowers give the sweater its charm, a close up shot was a must.


I decided to get a close-up of the button as well.



 Next Time: Pour Shot or Vintage Items for Stock Photography

Depending on family plans for the holiday and other events in my life, I will either finish off The Big Project with a pour shot or go for some simple shots I can submit to stock sites. The pour shot is a photograph of liquid being poured into a glass or another liquid. Ideally, the liquid should be frozen by a quick exposure and flash. It’s messy, and good timing makes for more impressive shots.


Vintage Rhinestone Necklaces

Some years ago, the ladies of the household inherited several lovely pieces of vintage rhinestone jewelry from my father’s aunt. I’ve done a little research and found that they date from the 1950s and 1960s when dressing up so much was a bit more common than it is for us. We’ve never had an occasion to wear any of these, but if the day ever comes, I’ll  be there with bells on.

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Next Time: Mugs or Cats

I’m working on a series of mug shots. Not photos of criminals, photos of mugs. If they’re not done in two weeks, you’ll be seeing the cat photos I randomly decided to shoot today.

Miscellaneous Rings

Let me be honest, I don’t wear rings. Not only do they get in the way, but I sprained my right ring finger doing something stupid when I was 9, and it has been a little out of whack ever since then. Rings go on, but they don’t come off too easily. The only reason I’ve kept them is so I can photograph them.

This turquoise ring was my aunt’s untill she was no longer able to wear it. (Knuckles keep growing through the years.) It’s a bit chunky and could probably use some more cleaning, but I like the look. The turquoise and the large leaf design give it a nice earthy sort of character very different from most of my other jewelry.

I found this opal ring in thrift store when I was in junior high. The stones sparkle in the light, and the colors are like sunset. It’s odd, but I love it.

This purple cubic zirconia was a gift from my mother and was a fine complement to my wardrobe back in my ring wearing days. It’s more like most of my jewelry. Small, nice-looking, and costume. I’ve never cared for gaudy and I don’t want the liability of wearing “the real thing”, not to mention the price.

Sometimes, I still think about wearing the turquoise or the opal. Incase you’re wondering, the opal is the only one to make it on my finger while I was shooting for this post. My love of things I find aesthetically pleasing dies hard.

Next Time: Old Cars or Photos to use as Backgrounds