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Simple Couple Portrait

My sister and her boyfriend wanted a Christmas-y photo for cards this year. It’s a bit early for me to think Christmas, but I could use some subject variety and portrait practice, so I agreed. They decided on pine or spruce trees for a background. I placed them in the shade of a blue spruce and had him put his arm around her. Shade kept them from having a lot of contrast on the face and the flash helped fill in the eyes. I did brighten the eyes and perform other adjustments and retouching in post.

Young couple in front of spruce tree.

Young couple in front of spruce tree.


Family Portrait

Creating a group portrait can be challenging, especially if you are part of the group you are trying to photograph. The hardest part? Getting the portrait scheduled was a great deal more difficult than I thought it would be. We may be a family, but we’re also four different people with our own obligations and hobbies. Finally, it came together. Not the ideal time, but I know my family. If we keep putting something off, it will never get done. This is only our third family portrait. In the first, only three of us had been born. In the second, we were caught unprepared at a company picnic. It’s a nice photograph, but we’re in our shorts and it’s five years old. Time for another family photo. Sorry kitties, we couldn’t accommodate your schedule. Catworld is beyond our comprehension. So I set up in the shade late one afternoon, varied head heights, used a little fill flash, and proceeded to direct my family and hope I looked OK darting in at the last second. Ta-da. This photograph made possible by persistence and the self-timer.


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