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Novel Knickknacks

Most of us hang on to things we don’t need – knickknacks with no real purpose or objects we have a more functional alternative for. Why? Maybe they’re cute or pretty. Maybe they have some significance in our lives like souvenirs, childhood mementos, or objects that belonged to relatives or friends. Whatever the reason, here’s some stuff I’ve kept around.

“We Give A Hoot!” These key chains were once given out by many businesses. As far as I can find, they were connected to an environmental and anti-littering campaign in the 1970s. These are from a place my Aunt worked for. My family had a whole box once, but I gave most of them away when I was in college. I had to keep a few for their vintage charm.


This is my Bean Bank. I’ve had him literally as long as I can remember. His job is to hold my coin collection, which I am not at all serious about and frequently forget exists. Isn’t he cute though? I’ve always been fond of this guy.


Do you keep anything novel or unnecessary for sentimental reasons? Feel free to share in the comments.


Vegitation on White

I decided to bring some plant life indoors and give it the studio on white treatment. One of my first ideas was to group this bunch of marigolds in a style reminiscent of an old picture at my grandma’s house.


Next, I moved on to these purple wildflowers that I often discard as weeds. Most of them grow in the property line by the corn field. I brought them inside for a clean background.


Lastly, I photographed this sprig of clover, a ubiquitous piece of vegetation in my area.


Next Time: Tools or Abstract

The End of The Big Project: Pour Shot

The end is finally here! My pour shot is done, and it went a little better than I thought it would. Equipment was one of my biggest concerns going into this one, but shooting my flash through the scrim seemed to work pretty well. My furry four-legged assistant was watching me, but she can’t pour liquids, so thankfully, my mother agreed to help with this one. It took us a few tries to get the timing down, but the result was well worth any inconvenience or spilled red pop. Here are a couple different shots:




Next Time: Nature or Vintage Objects

What do Your Shoes Say?

I started looking at my shoes this week – trying to figure out which ones I wanted to photograph. Boring tennis shoes? Nope. Sandals? Plain black heels? Black flats? No, no, and no. I have a variety of shoes, most of which I wear for one occasion or another, but the majority of them are fairly utilitarian. For example, I would never wear these, even if they came in my size:

 Yes, they are doll shoes. Aren’t they pretty? And totally impractical. Glad I’m not a doll.

Then why do I have these shoes?

 Upon more serious thought, are they mine? Yes, they are sitting in the bottom of my closet, and I do remember buying them (for very little money on sale), but they don’t seem like they belong to me. These should be on the feet of some trendy little tween girl. Upon further thought, I realized that all the shoes I have represent different aspects of my life and personality. The athletic shoes are active, comfortable, and casual. They say I work and value functionality. The  sandals say I can be laid back, under the right conditions. The heels add that I can dress in a more formal and traditional manner. The black flats speak for my desire to balance looks and functionality.  And the purple plastic shoes above? They’re just a side of me that lies under the surface. The side that wants to try something new, be unusual, and have some fun. I may not wear these shoes very often, but that side if me is an undercurrent in my life. Some of my other shoes can attest to that. At least none of them are nearly as uncomfortable or impractical as the doll shoes would be if they came in my size.

What do your shoes say about you? What’s the strangest pair of shoes you ever owned?

Next Week: Car Details

There are four cars immediately available to me. However, I might look for a cruise night or classic car show. If I don’t find one, you might see me wandering around a parking lot. Or maybe I’ll just have to be content with four cars and not creep anyone out.