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Last week, I was inspired by a catalog page featuring exotic large jewelry.  Rooting through my things, I found a necklace a relative brought back from a trip and a letter “E” charm bracelet that fit the mood I was going for. Since I had a better idea of what I wanted to do with the bracelet, I started there. I went with the “E” theme, using an encyclopedia and a dictionary for props. At first, I thought about putting the bracelet on the cover of another encyclopedia, but the only nice encyclopedias available were red. It’s easy to overdo red, so I opted for the printed page from a dictionary, in the “E” section, of corse.

The wonderful letter "E".


When it came to finding props for the necklace, I searched the house for anything reminiscent of age, travel, or the east. I found this lovely old map artwork in the front of an atlas. The lace and red book just seemed to work well, but I’m going to have to force myself not to overuse them. I also used a muted brown “oriental” patterned rug for the shot. The cat gave me a really weird look when I grabbed it off the floor and toted it upstairs, proving that the nonhumans in the house find my photographic habits odd as well.

My exotic necklace.