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Annual Valentine Encouragement

Because this was a long week for me, and because I realized this will be my last post before Valentine’s day, no dictionaries this week.

Back when I was in college, my roommates would get flowers from their boyfriends for various occasions. I didn’t have a boyfriend (which I’m not sad about, because it was the right thing for me), so I would photograph their flowers.


It was good fun at times, especially when no one else was around and I could turn out the lights and experiment with LED flashlights.


While we’re on the subject of boyfriends just a week from Valentine’s Day, I’m going to say it (like I have for the past couple of years): single people, please don’t let Valentine’s Day get you down. Not having a significant other doesn’t mean you can’t observe the holiday. Love comes in many varieties. Romantic isn’t the only one. So take some time to let your friends and family know how much they mean to you. Call, write, send a card, or make plans to meet for coffee. Observe the day as a celebration of the love you do have. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Blue: A Study

This week, I tried something different. Instead of a type of object, I chose a color: blue. First, I thought of the emotional connotations of the color. For lighter shades, these include thought, powerlessness, and we’ve all heard of feeling blue.  Going with the initial emotional ideas, I started with a vase in the form of a young woman. She is sad and alone. The placement of light and shadows, as well as limited depth of field, make her seem vanishing and helpless. Empty, the vase seemed gaping, so I added a blue flower. It’s a bit warmer shade of blue with some yellow. The girl peers down at it like a cherished ray of hope.

 Darker and brighter shades of blue can give a stronger and happier impression. Since I didn’t want to keep on such a depressing path this week, I used two common household items to create a “design” style shot. Guess what they are?

One of my all-time favorite blue objects is this candle holder. I don’t burn candles, so I use it to store my watch and other commonly worn articles while I’m at home. The trick was trying to get it to look illuminated by a blue light source. I shined a blue LED flashlight into the candle holder. Since there’s such a range between the light and the dark, I composited three images in Photoshop to produce the final effect. Got to keep those Photoshop skills up somehow. I feel they’re slipping away.

Next Week: The Dawn of Spring or Vases 2

After weeks of waiting on the weather, it looks like spring is finally here! I saw the first flowers today, and the trees are budding out. But just in case it’s too stormy to shoot, there are a couple of vases someone I know would like photos of.