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The Big Project: Transparent

Back to the Big Project. Last week, I tackled the transparent shots. Experience told me I needed a scrim for this shoot. A photographic type scrim, not a cinema scrim (made of wire and goes on a light) or a stage scrim (a sort of transparent projector sheet). One highly recommended material for making a photographic scrim is Translum, which only comes in large rolls. If you don’t want to buy a huge roll, some other kind of sturdy diffusion material will do. Because I was in a hurry, I bought a 20″ X 24″ sheet of diffusion and stapled it to a 16″ X 20″ used but sturdy picture frame (I removed the glass, ect.). It’s better to make a wooden frame that stands on its own.¬†Anyway, I have my scrim. Now I can shoot light through it instead of bouncing light off boards or tilting my lamps so the less direct edge light falls on the subject. Quite marvelous.

For my first shot, I used this small glass container in the shape of a heart. Since I was a bit tired of shooting on plain backgrounds, I chose wood furniture to suggest a place the item could be displayed, such as a dresser or table top.


Next, I wanted to photograph a vase with a design. The black background shows off the frosted roses nicely. This was a bear to retouch. It was dusty and had a few scratches and imperfections. I did clean it, but the cloth left some lint and didn’t get quite all the dust. Lots of fine Photoshop work to clean it up in post.


Next Time: Reflective Objects