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Back to the Woods

It was the perfect late Autumn day to go for a walk in the woods. So perfect that I was far from the only one out. As the weather grows colder, the colors and light in my part of the midwest take on the most curious hues. I’m just realizing how much I’ve missed this season while in college down south. If it existed, I didn’t have much time to enjoy it. (No offence to the South. I’ve not seen much of it, but I know it has its own charms.)  Absence makes you appreciate what you have even more when you finally get it back. I went to a different part of the forest preserve this time. Both sides of the woods are beautiful in their own way. They can also be quite different if you look for variety, although I’m sure the change of seasons and different times of day help.

Apple Orchard: A Reminder of Fall Tradition

I have fond memories of going to the Apple Orchard as a kid. Petting zoo, old tractors, doughnuts and cider, and, of course, buying a gourd or pumpkin to paint. (Mom didn’t like the mess or sharp objects associated with carving, so we painted them instead) However, as I’ve grown up, I find most of these features of the Apple Orchard aren’t as alluring on their own (except the doughnuts, of course). They need the company of friends or a camera to make them more exciting.

On my photographic trip to the local Apple Orchard, I found the old tractors to be the most interesting subjects. There were three of them, and the possibilities for design-style shots were almost endless. There were also some cool wagons as well. On a whole, it was a nice reminder of fall in my childhood that provided me with some good photographic potential, not to mention an excuse to by and eat doughnuts.