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I remember the way I thought about time as a child. OK, vaguely, and I’m not that old, but it was different. When I was eight or younger, five minutes was a long time, not to mention an hour. And a year? Are we talking an eternity? I was aware of time: when I had to go to bed, when my father came home, and that kind of thing. However, I was much more free from time. I didn’t have responsibility and obligations. I didn’t have to make a schedule, nor did I have much of one to keep. My first watch did more to make me feel “grown up” than anything else.





But I grew up. Slowly, the hours and years got shorter. I had things to do and often felt like I didn’t have enough time to do them in, especially in college.




I think for most people, getting up on Monday morning becomes more difficult the highschool years. Unless you are a morning person, this is your friend:



The snooze button is actually the enemy.


Right now, time is both fast and slow for me. The minutes, hours, and days go by, but I’m still waiting on things to happen in my life. Waiting, and plotting to speed up the process.


Next Week: most likely, more fireworks




I have to admit this was a more difficult assignment. Imagination takes many forms. What does it look like? How do you express it? The answers to these questions are different for everyone. However, there are some popular avenues for expressing imagination.

Many children grow up drawing what’s in their heads – letting their imagination out visually on paper with whatever you give them. As a child, my imagination allowed me to see or be anything. Fashion designer, strange creatures, other worlds, characters from TV series, pets, and, of course, a flying woman.

More mature forms of expressing one’s imagination can include meticulous planning and multiple drafts. Drawing is still a possibility, but most of us find ourselves lacking the will or talent to be serious artists in that particular craft. There’s also a consciousness of the impact of sharing our imaginations with others. Do I want to go there? Will this hurt someone? Is that too dark?

Some of us choose to express our imagination photographically. A photograph is not just a record of what is or was, it’s how you saw or rather chose to see what was there – your world picked out piece by piece from all the chaos that actually surrounds you. And sometimes, when there’s an image in your head, creation occurs in a more from scratch basis: you set things up. Some of us even create in the digital darkroom, but how far do you go with that?

Imagination is ever-present in my life, but it’s aways accompanied by the nagging questions. Can I make this “real” in a sense? Is it original? Is it quality? Should I let this out of my head? What is your imagination, and what do you do with it?

Next Week: Weather Permitting

It’s getting greener, but also more rainy and windy. I’m planning to shoot outside and possibly see if I can use some of this wind artistically. We shall see.