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Black on Black

I continued The Big Project with my black on black photo shoot. To be honest, I thought this one would be easier than it was. In school, it was easier than white on white, and I was pleased with my project from that time. Shortly after Christmas, I’d purchased three yards of all cotton black velvet to use as a background in anticipation of this project. The problem: my lights are hard to control. They have rather large bowl-shaped dishes on them, with no provision for attaching modifiers. Getting light either on the edges of the subjects or on mirrors or other reflectors without lighting up the entire background was a chore. It improved as I fussed with it, but in the end there was only so much I could do . . . outside Photoshop. The good news is that I am keeping up my Photoshop skills. Other than that, I’m thinking I may have to limit my on black shooting or buy some blackwrap. Maybe I’ll try this one again in a few months.

This is my little black puppy. Like the black velvet, her paws absorbed light. The shine on her curly fur reflected it.


The black leather wallet had some reflective shine on it, which made things a little easier.


Next time: Transparent or Snow