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The Big Project Begins: White on White

My last semester of college, I took a class in commercial photography. Our projects for the class included white on white, black on black, transparent, reflective, textiles, and a pour shot. The teacher suggested we do the projects again on our own at a later date. I thought “Yes, that would be good for me, but I don’t have the equipment.” He’d made some suggestions of less expensive lighting substitutes and so forth, but I was unemployed for some time and could not afford to buy anything. Now, I can buy some things, but I’ve continued to make excuses. I don’t have enough room, I don’t have enough time, I don’t have the right equipment . . . Well, if I keep up like that, I’ll never do it. So this winter, I’m re-shooting all those projects and posting them on this blog.

White on White

I started with this dove figure that belongs to my mother. It’s not shiny, and it has lots of texture. The challenge was keeping it white while keeping the texture.


Next, I moved on to these cute little angels. (Also my mom’s. Apparently, white ceramic figurines were popular in the 1970’s when she set up housekeeping.) They weren’t exactly shiny either, but they didn’t have as much texture. The details and shapes are lovely though. I ended up putting a white reflector board with a hole in it around my lens just to give them some good light on the front. This helped keep them brighter.


Next Time: Black on Black or Snow Shots