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Black on Black Part 2

Last week, I shot profiles of two black shoes on black. These are straight, catalog-type shots, done primarily for practice purposes. Sometimes, it is good just to do a technical challenge. Just one thing, then go back and combine it with more artistic work.




Next Time: Still Life or Nature

I hope it’s nature, but the weather isn’t too promising.

Black on Black Part 1: Shoe Toes

I need to work on my black on black, so for some silly reason, I started with a tough subject: patent leather shoes with fabric bows and gold ornaments. The basic strategy is to use black velvet for a background, get the subject as far from the background as possible, and set the subject on a smaller elevated surface so you can keep as much light as possible off the black velvet. Not always easy.

First, I tried a more side on view. I’m pretty happy with the lighting (though I did touch-up in Photoshop). The angle, however, was not the best.


I had a little more trouble lighting the 3/4 view, but overall, I like it better.


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