The photographic explorations of a former film student.

The Big Project: Reflective Objects

Passing the bump in the road of my Big Project, I completed my reflective shoot last week. The basic technique for these shots is to surround the reflective object with as much white reflector board (like poster board, but not the shiny stuff) as possible in an attempt to block out reflections of any other object. Of course, the camera lens needs to poke in there somewhere and you must have an opening for light.

Since my mother has some very well-kept, hardly used stainless steel utensils, a place setting of that was a natural choice. I opted for the straight, on white catalog type shot. A little internet research helped with the arrangement.


Next, I decided to do a piece of jewelry. This watch was an excellent candidate. I wanted a reflection under the watch, so I shot it on polished wood. Problem: wood has texture. I’m still grappling with the respective merits of getting the watch all clean with no wood reflection or letting the reflected texture show because the wood is in the shot and it looks more realistic. For now, I just tried to downplay the reflection a bit hoping that will look realistic but not draw too much attention to the reflection.


Next Time: Textile




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