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Archive for September 24, 2012

My Key Obsession

Well, I was going to do some photos of random conglomerations of stuff (I thought they might be useful backgrounds for stock), however, I decided that was creatively lazy of me. I had a bunch of keys out for one shot, so I started arranging them and decided to do a post on keys. To be honest, I’ve been a bit obsessed with them lately. I’ve found emergency spares and odd keys from various corners of the house, purchased a key pendant to make a necklace, and wasted perfectly good time looking at old keys on e-bay. No, I’ve not bought any yet, but I keep thinking they’d be awesome for photography.

This one, I believe is a key for a small safe.

Here is a collection of very round keys. I have no idea what they are for, but I love the shape.

These are older automobile keys, one round for the door and one square for the ignition. This set was barely ever used. The keys were kept as spares in a spare key hiding place my family forgot about. We dug them up while organizing. I’m pretty sure they’re for Patricia VonOlsey, our old van that’s been rusting in peace at the junkyard for about a year now. Yep, completely useless.

Next Time: Nature

Hopefully, within the next two weeks, weather, time, and light will align in such a way that I can get out to the woods for a bit.