The photographic explorations of a former film student.


There have been some amazing cloud formations around my area in the last couple of weeks. Soon, Fall will turn rainy and we’ll be faced with mostly drab grey skies, but not for now. I took the opportunity to capture the moment.

Oftentimes, there are several layers and types of clouds present at the same time. The bottom layer in this photo forms a nice ledge, you could almost imagine yourself sitting on it.


Several layers of clouds means that sometimes, clouds are in the shadow of other clouds.


I normally don’t look for animals in the clouds, but I think I see a cat. Eyes, nose, mouth, even swishing tail. Kitty is either upset or curious.


And there you have it: the advantage of living in an area without tall buildings or mature trees.


Next Week: Fall leaves

Fall color came, pretty much just in time for the winds to blow the leaves off.


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