The photographic explorations of a former film student.

Playground Oddities

In some of the small towns in my neck of the woods, there exist the strangest old pieces of playground equipment. They were made of metal on springs so children could bounce up and down on them as if riding an animal. These devices feature handles and “stirrups” of sorts to help keep kids in place. Although most of them are shaped like animals, some of them are, well, I’ll just show you:



Yes, you sit on the nose with the eyes staring back at you. I don’t remember, but I would hope that I didn’t ride this one as a child, it’s kinda creepy. I truly hope that I spent more of my time on the seahorse or the horse at another park.




See, the horse is not so bad. Actually, it’s kinda cute. This park also has what appear to be cows and a more modern looking chick. My response to the chick: They still make those things! Second reaction: For a chick, it’s ugly. Remarkably uninteresting, so I don’t have photos. However, I thought the revealed layers of old paint on the cow were interesting, so here it is: abstract old paint cow eye.




For some reason, I focused on the more abstract and creepy aspect of these items. Maybe I will have to go back with a different mindset and find that old seahorse sometime.


Next Week: Kitties

It’s been close to a year since I last photographed the two family cats: Jenny and Precious. About time for an update. Precious let me have a few good pictures last week, so hopefully Jen will allow me to expand on that this week. If not, you’ll just be seeing stripes.



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