The photographic explorations of a former film student.

And So I Head Inside . . .

The scenery around me is growing gloomy, dark and cold with the arrival of winter. Lack of light combined with wind limit my outdoor picture-taking habits. No, I’ve not given up outdoor photography for the year. I’m hoping to post more of that next week. And no, I’m not afraid of the cold. Expect snow shots when the time comes. I’m just exercising a different set of skills that need a workout and admitting I can’t do as much outdoors as I’d like right now. So I decided to try indoor photography. I wanted to control my light, but I have no photographic lighting equipment other than flashes. I don’t want ambient light from the room lights of a different color temperature, so I have to turn them off. Oops. I’m in the dark, and I can’t see precisely what my flash will do for me. Desk lamp and custom whitebalance stetting to the rescue! It’s the best I’ve got, that and boards and mirrors to use as reflectors. I have to admit I’m a bit disappointed in the results. I’ve done better with a set of pack lights I could use at school, and C stands, and more. But I must seize the challenge and be creative. I have faith that with thought and practice I can do better with what I have.

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