The photographic explorations of a former film student.

A Walk in the Woods

I went on a trip to the local forest preserve with my camera friend. It was a windy day and I wanted to practice with the macro lens I’m borrowing (this is a nice old school lens, good quality, but no auto focus and no through the lens metering). Most of the time, the darkness of the woods and the wind made me stick to my normal lens that doesn’t require such a high numbered aperture to get acceptable depth of field for most uses. (For you non-photographers, depth of field has to do with how much of the image is sharp.) However, I had some fun with the fungus growing on a few dead logs. It stayed still in the wind, allowing me to use a tripod and a long exposure.

The bee on the flower is probably my shot of the day. Or at least the hardest one to get. Although it was in an open area with plenty of light, the flowers were tall and swaying in the wind. And bees move quickly. On the other hand, the strangest shot is the grey fluffy stuff. At first I thought it was feathers or fur, but it does seem to be rooted in the ground. I’d be glad to hear guesses on what it is.

Although I didn’t Photoshop the fluffy stuff, I do tend to run all of my images through Lightroom, or at least give them a curves adjustment or a bit of a vignette and the like in Photoshop. The color and layer adjustments on the tree and sky photo are a little unusual for me, but I have the know how, and I occasionally like to create something fanciful or otherworldly.

A walk in the woods looking for the small things of beauty in life is good for the eye and the soul.


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